Attorney Jessica Arthur

Attorney Jessica Arthur

Attorney Janet Gemmell

Attorney Janet Gemmell

About Us

Vaping and Hookah are considered by many (although not the government apparently) to be less harmful alternatives to smoking or marijuana products. However, in May 2016 FDA proposed Vaping and Hookah to be considered as derivatives of tobacco products. Actually to be exact they are now considered TO BE tobacco products.  This poses numerous problems mainly because the Vaping industry is on a smaller scale as compared to the giant tobacco companies. We are outraged by this act of the FDA, so we decided to help people through legal means.

We are a group of attorneys that share the pain caused to fellow Vapers by the FDA. We are ready and willing to help you:

  • Get your liquid approved in a quick and efficient manner
  • Help your store front be in compliance
  • Represent you in compliance violations
  • Complete the necessary paperwork for the upcoming deadlines,
  • Walk you through the various options and processes the FDA has created as a maze and trap for vaping and hookah businesses.


We have the technical knowledge and understanding of the legal process necessary to help you accomplish your business goals. We know the deadlines and will ensure you meet them (or get you up to date if you actually miss them). We know that competition can be very tough therefore we also provide guidance and counseling services to our clients.  We are all in this together and there is plenty of business to go around – for so long as you are in compliance and providing the best service and products to your customers.


We will help you with all the technical aspects and work with you to keep your business viable as the actions (acts of piracy) taken by the FDA become more widely applied and followed.


The Deeming Rule, as it has come to be known, is an outrageous act by the FDA to take the vaping industry by its roots. You don’t have to become a victim of it. The FDA goal is not honestly to hold you hostage (at least we hope that is not their goal).  We will assist you in obtaining all the approvals necessary so that you can continue running your business without worrying about any laws that tend to threaten its existence.


Be sure to contact us if you want legal help in the approval of your product. Looking forward to helping you save your business and create future income.